Democrats In The Senate Want Trump To Use Russian Sanction Powers

The Congress overwhelming voted in favor of giving this President the authority to put sanctions on Russia for its role in meddling in the 2016 Election. The President has the authority to do so now, but he has not pursued that authority in any meaningful way since. Now, some Democrats in the Senate are trying to put the pressure on him to do exactly that.

Three Democrats in the Senate are pushing for a resolution to call on the President to use the authority that the Congress has already given him on this matter says Politico. However, the measure is a symbolic one. There is no chance that it comes up for an actual vote in the Senate, let alone that it reaches the President’s desk. This is meant mostly to shine a spotlight on the fact that the President has not used the authority that has been given to him already.

The Administration has decided to hold off on putting on new sanctions against Vladimir Putin even as the Congress passed the legislation to do so with just five opposing votes in total. This means that had the President decided not to sign the bill that the Congress could have overridden his veto. Still, the White House has refused to actually use the authority granted to them.

Some from the Treasury Department have stated that they are in fact working on some sanctions that are set to come out against Russia in the near future. However, there has been no firm time table on when this will happen. They are simply making suggestions that they are going to pursue this, but it is not a guaranteed thing.

For now, all that the Democrats in the Senate can do is work on their symbolic gestures. They do not have the ability to pass anything binding given that they are the minority party in all three branches of the government at the moment.

It is now a waiting game to see what will happen next with the Russian sanctions. Most observers do not believe that anything major is going to happen with them in the near future. It seems a little too far-fetched to imagine this particular President doing something about an issue that he has avoided handling up to this point. Given that, we could be in for a long ride with this Administration and their handling of Russia in general.

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