Democrats Plan Net Neutrality Counterattack

The FCC’s decision to end the net neutrality doctrine has led to a movement in the Democratic party as well as among several progressive and liberal groups to take the FCC and the Trump administration to task for the arbitrary decision. What is more alarming is that the administrative measure, which required no legislative action, is opposed by around three-fourths of Republican votes.

Several state attorneys-general have sprung into action announcing lawsuits, and Senate Democrats are planning on introducing a resolution against the move to end net neutrality, which will force Republicans to take a public stance for or against the measure. Although the bill, which would overrule the FCC`s decision, is unlikely to pass, it will allow Democrats to shine a light on the administration`s unpopular action.

The FCC`s decision to end net neutrality was based on the dubious claim that the policy was interfering with the development of broadband technology. According to Sen. Ed Markey, the bill`s sponsor, Republicans will have to choose between being on the right side of the issue, or backing the major telecommunications companies who want to increase their already healthy profits at the expense of American consumers.

There is huge concern about the potential ramifications of ending net neutrality. The controversial 3-2 decision will have major consequences for Americans and the economy at large, since all sectors of the economy will feel the far-reaching effects. Although the largest corporations will emerge relatively unscathed, smaller media companies may find themselves unable to compete against the deep pockets of Google, Amazon, and Netflix. This is because major media companies will be able to offer their own exclusive content at faster speeds since they have more money to spend.

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