Democrats Reveal Presidential Vote Of No Confidence

As Democrats look for ways of winning back their majority in Congress in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections a group of Congressional politicians from the liberal side of the aisle are calling for a vote of “no confidence” in President Donald Trump. Although the 20 Democrats who are sponsoring the Bill know there is little chance of success they are hoping the introduction of the Bill will continue to raise awareness of what the politicians feel are a series of problems taking place in The White House.

Introducing the Bill the group of 20 Democrats revealed a number of reasons why they believe there should be a change in leadership in the U.S., including the ongoing Russian investigations and the treatment of women by the President, The Hill reports. The introduction of the resolution came after Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen revealed he had discussed the idea of a vote of “no confidence” with Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi during a committee and received her backing as the idea moved forward with 19 other Democrat supporters.

Representative Cohen has already stated his own belief the resolution has little to no chance of success in passing through the Republican controlled Congress, yet Democrats believe these measures play a key role in keeping the pressure on a President who has often refused to accept the advice of his own family and advisors; along with the effort to put pressure on Trump the Democrats also hope their resolution will add to the pressure on Republicans who have remained supportive of the President throughout his first six months in office.

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