Democrats Struggle For An Identity As Midterms Approach

During a week which saw President Donald Trump see his approval rating fall and the Russia collusion investigation return to the front pages, the Democrats still struggled to find their own identity as the opposition party. The Washington Post reports Democrats made a series of political blunders at a time when they were presented with the chance to seize the ground around the struggling President.

Ever since the shock defeat of Hillary Clinton by President Trump during the 2016 Presidential election, Democrat’s have declared they are willing and able to fight the agenda of The White House; however, many political experts are now pointing to the work of a number of prominent Democrat’s as a reason for Republican’s to feel they will retain their overall majority in both houses in the 2018 midterm elections.

The first misstep taken by Democrats came from billionaire Democrat donor, Tom Steyer who appeared in ads on major TV networks publicizing his Online petition calling for the end of the Trump Presidency. Experts believe this will galvanize the support the President has in many areas of the U.S. Democrats were targeting during the Midterms. As the Democrat’s reeling from the problems caused by Steyer they also saw former Presidential candidate and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders reveal his “Medicaid For All” plan used by Republicans calling for the end of the Affordable Care Act.

Steps have been taken by the leadership of the Democratic Party to create a left-leaning policy statement released under the title, “A Better Deal”. Democrats themselves and liberals criticized the title of the document which called for a higher tax rate of the wealthiest and an expansion of health care programs to provide a healthier society.

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