Democrat’s Voters Inclination Towards Liberal Candidates Unlike the Usual Conservative One

Although the primary election season is still young, the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party has started partying. Primaries voters of the Democratic Party have voted in liberal candidates in congressional primaries in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. This is not the usual trends and has worried some Democrats. Democrat Kara Eastman from Omaha fronted himself as a progressive leader with his support of federal government’s single-payer health insurance, and the ban on assault weapons flooring veteran Brad Ashford.


Some Democrats argue that Eastman might be taking the party to the left, something that does not go well seeing the position has been dominated by Republicans for more than 20 years before Ashford took it two years ago. According to Eastman, conservative Democrats have lost periodically in the past, and it was time to have a real Democrat representing the party values.


In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Scott Wallace who is famed for his philanthropy in liberal causes edged out Rachel Reddick. Wallace has been heard severally emphasizing the need for loyalty and party ideals such as single-payer health insurance.


Elsewhere in Allentown, Susan Wild who is a lawyer won narrowly in the 7th Congressional District often a swing-vote in the State of Pennsylvania. She comes forward in airing her view on assault weapons ban and single-payer health insurance, which saw her beat immigration and abortion rights conservative,viewed John Morganelli.


According to an article in New York Times accessible through this link,, the voting has shown a shift in the way people think about ideas taking charge of ideas considered liberal to talk about. People have become more vocal about issues they were afraid to talk about before. Radical groups were delighted when Paulette Jordan of Idaho district won the gubernatorial primaries in a Republican-heavy state.


In Nebraska and Pennsylvania, there are three House Seats which form the focal point of other two dozen seats that the Democratic Party is aiming at winning to gain House majority come November. This is in addition to the 25 districts where Hillary Clinton outperformed President Trump in 2016.

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