Democrats Want To Ditch The Old Guard, Get More Liberal Leaders

New polling suggests that Democrats throughout the country are in favor of ditching the leadership currently running the Party in favor of more liberal-leaning individuals. They are not interested in the Tom Perez style politicians of old says the Huffington Post, but instead prefer the bluster and talk of people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The strategy post-2016 to this point has been to appeal to moderates and hope that things work out with the Mueller investigation to have Donald Trump removed from office. Both points are highly questionable to say the least. Even if the investigation does produce evidence that ultimately leads to the removal of Donald Trump from office, this does not guarantee Democratic Party success moving forward.

It might seem like something as dramatic as the removal of a President from office would be a boon for the opposite party, but that is not necessarily true. You just have to look to history to see why this is the case. President Nixon was a Republican President removed from office, but this did not translate to overwhelming Democratic Party success. Jimmy Carter was elected, but he served only one term and was then crushed by Ronald Reagan in 1980. That set off 12 straight years of the Republican Party holding the White House.

A Slim Majority

A slim majority of Democrats believe in the actions of the Party to move farther to the Left. Fifty-two percent were in favor of such moves while forty-eight percent were opposed. This means there are still certainly some hearts and minds to be won over within the Party. It also means that there could still be serious division within the ranks when it comes to how to deal with the Trump Presidency and fighting back. It is not going to be an easy thing to figure out by any stretch, but it is interesting to see where Democrats stand today with all that is going on in the world.

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