Detroit Residents Avoid Water Shut-off With $1 Million Donation

More than 25,000 Detroit residents were scheduled to have their water shut-off May 25th, after a recent long-term reprieve, but a last minute savior has helped avoid those shut-offs.

$1 million dollars was donated Monday by Miller Buckfire & Co, a New York City investment firm. Funds will be applied to overdue water bills, that had state leaders and the United Nations weighing in on the problem.

But don’t think this is a problem solely created by residents.

Detroit has been financially challenged since the early 90s, brought on by its dysfunctional leaders.

The city has remained on a financial roller coaster, as leaders watched new developments come and go, then mandatory paycuts imposed on workers, and the under-funded budgets, and the scandal of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s unrelenting mayoral terms, and here we are.

Today, Detroit is exiting the biggest municipal bankruptcy ever, and a financial regulator overseeing state funds.

The insolvency crippled the state and its residents.

Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department have already made 27,000 shut-offs, affecting mostly poor vulnerable residents according to Steve Murray.

This most recent gift will go a long way in curbing the water shut-offs.

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