Devos Discusses Rolling Back More Obama-Era Guidances

Apparently, the bigotry of Betsy Devos knows no bounds. The completely unqualified secretary of education met with a group of civil rights leaders, parents and teachers Wednesday to discuss the possibility of rolling back yet another Obama-era policy which calls on schools to hand out suspensions and expulsions sparingly and be more socially aware of racial bias within their school. Though she hasn’t officially announced whether she will rescind this guidance, we all know she will. The woman who has never attended public school a day in her life has a long history of discriminating against minorities, especially the LGBTQ Community.
Many people who left the meeting felt uneasy about the future of African-American students in public schools with only a few feeling optimistic. Even prior to the meeting, many civil rights groups reached out and asked for an invitation to the meeting only to be either denied or receive no response. Additionally, none of the country’s major teacher unions received an invitation save for one. It’s clear that, as with everything, Devos dropped the ball on this meeting. The guidance is often used as a tactic to keep kids off the streets and prevent them from falling into a life of crime. But Devos is nothing if not a woman who couldn’t care less about our students and is clearly intent on making public schools more dangerous for students and faculty.
While she didn’t say when she would be making a decision, we all know it’s just a matter of time before she shamelessly enables public schools around the nation to discriminate against African-American students. Hopefully, though, at some point in the future, we’ll have a chance to undo all the damage she’s done and get our public school system back on track as we look towards a brighter tomorrow.

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