Dick’s Sporting Goods Separates Itself even more from Gun Sales

A short time ago, Dick’s Sporting Goods removed assault style weapons from their shelves. Dick’s was tired of seeing the tragedies that occurred due to gun violence, so they took some of these most commonly used weapons off their store shelves. Now Dick’s Sporting Goods is advocating for additional gun control laws.

Dick’s has hired Glover Park Group in order to lobby at congress in order to attempt to persuade them to pass more strict gun control. Dick’s is putting profit aside in order to do the right thing.

Dick’s decision to stop selling assault style weapons came after the tragedy that occured in Parkland, Florida. Dick’s also raised the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21. In most stores a person only has to be 18 to purchase a rifle or shotgun; the 21 minimum was reserved for people who wished to purchase hand guns.

Dick’s is only one corporation that is on the side of the American people in concerns to gun reform. Kroger, Walmart, and L.L. Bean are a few of the other corporations who changed their policy on gun sales after the tragedy in Florida.

The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods Edward Stack says that their stance on the second amendment has not changed, but it is his responsibility to do everything he can to solve the problem of gun violence in America. Stack called gun violence an epidemic in his statement, citing that it has taken far too many lives. [Gun violence has taken] the future of America: our kids.” Stack said.

Edward Stack made this decision even though he knew it was damage his already damaged company. Dick’s Sporting Goods has seen a 38 percent drop in their stock prices in the last year. It is obvious that Edward Stack and Dick’s Sporting Goods puts the well-being of the American people above lining their own pockets.

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