Did Talos Energy Score Big?

There has been recent news about the company named Talos Energy which seems to have scored a pretty big prize in the Gulf of Mexico. They were offshore of the Gulf of Mexico when they discovered something quite unbelievable. Now everybody remembers the oil spill that affects many animals and people alike, well that’s exactly what they found in the water, oil. But it wasn’t just oil like from an oil spill, they discovered over 2 billion barrels worth of oil in some shallow waters off of the coast of Mexico.

This discovery was one of the first significant finds since Mexico had opened their oil and gas fields for exploration of foreign people. That was just three years ago and they have already found something so shocking. It does also seem to be quite a long time, with three years of the exploration being opened and it took that long to find 2 billion barrels worth of oil. It is understandable because it is said that we have only discovered about 1% of our oceans, but that oil must have been covering a lot of space.

After the discovery, the company later announced that it could possibly take upwards of four years for the company Talos Energy to develop the find because it has reached an initial depth of around 11,000 feet.

A lot of people who had heard of the news were explaining how this could come as great news for some people. It may lead to more interest drilling from more foreign, just south of the U.S. This discovery is not only very significant and large but it has also been said to be the most important achievement that the Zama shallow-water-field has seen. This isn’t just any discovery but it’s something that will be talked about and researched more in depth in the future.

With a discovery as big as the oil find, researchers may begin advancing technologies used for their job sites and tasks that normally would be out of reach. Talos Energy really did a wondrous job in finding all of that oil.

Talos Energy’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

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