Do the Gentry Liberals Own the Democratic Party?

Besides the information about the Nunes Memo, an item that came from the Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago business caused the attention of many. The demographer’s data estimate showed that black Chicago population was 842000 while those of the white non-Hispanic population increased to 867000. That was a primary political concern. In the largest cities of America, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, Gentry liberals are becoming the dominant political demographic.




That has been consistent with US election results. Nevertheless, the modest-income Jews were sometimes the dominating demographic in New York. Most of the white married white couples reside in Los Angeles while the Bungalow-team ethnics stayed in Chicago. However, these people were facing challenges from the black candidates for any position. Now we are talking about the Gentry Liberals who are now on the top.




This is a pure reflection of the demographic changes in America. Most of the blacks are moving from the city centers to the suburbs and the south. The affluent professionals, as well as some college graduates, have dominated and gentrified the neighborhoods of silver-lake, Park Slope, and Wicker Park.




This kind of trend is now becoming visible in most of the cities of America. Not just in Seattle, San Francisco, or even Portland, but also in Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. The trend is extensive enough to change the entire face of the Democratic Party. On the other side, the Gentry Liberals have contributed to the highest income inequality in metropolitan areas. They are causing the large percentage of low-income blacks and Hispanics. These groups live to talk about diversity even as they revel in the pleasures of societies where people believe and consume similar thing including voting for Democrats.




Gentrification can, therefore, be considered a significant contribution to the reshaping of Democratic Party that has been encountering a series of diverse coalitions of people who were believed to be unusual Americans, but the big question is, who is the national majority in America?



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