Documentaries Reflect The Beliefs Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a well known human rights activist who has reached the top of the activism community working with various groups and his own Human Rights Foundation. In founding the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become a major part of the activism calendar for workers, former political prisoners, politicians, and journalists Thor has secured his position as the most important activist in the world. However, for a number of years Thor has been working in the film industry bringing intelligent movies to the people of the world that also carry important messages about human rights.11)

The film work completed by Thor Halvorssen has been filled with various looks back at the way the people of the world are affected by the loss of human rights that was widespread in areas of the globe throughout the 20th century. Halvorssen came to the attention of the film industry when he produced “Freedom’s Fury”, a look at the 1956 Hungarian revolution against the lack of human rights afforded to the citizens of the country under Socialist rule following World War II.

The film work in documentaries completed by Thor Halvorssen has continued and includes “Indoctrinate U”, although he is a classical liberal Thor believes in the right of the individual to have freedom of speech and live in the way they choose; the documentary “Indoctrinate U” looks at the way college campuses have become strongholds for left wing thought and speech it is difficult for those with opposing views to overcome.

Thor is not one to shy away from the big issues in the world and has addressed the use of human trafficking by wealthy sugar barons in the Dominican Republic in one film. In his film work Thor also shows his lighter side in documentaries such as “Hammer & Tickle” and “The Singing Revolution”, which tells the story of the peaceful and musical resistance provided y the people of Estonia against Soviet occupation across the 20th century.


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