Doe Deere’s Contribution to the Beauty Industry

Business people are known to use every opportunity that comes their way. Opportunities in business avails themselves in various ways such as through availability of consumers of a certain product or the fact that there are no such products in the market.

Before one can embark on a business in a certain industry, he or she must put various factors into consideration. Business is a risky affair and if certain measures are not put into consideration, the proprietor can incur losses as a result. Some of the factors one is supposed to consider are whether there is a market for the supposed product. In business, market in terms of consumers is everything. If there are no consumers for a certain products, the business will automatically collapse.

Doe Deere was aware of the importance of available market before she embarked on her beauty product business. Apart from having available market, the product has to be advertised to the public so as to make it known to the public of the product’s existence. Marketing the new product in the market is an important part of making the business as it determines the number of clients the product will get. The more aggressive the business person is in advertising the more the product will become popular which will reflect to a good sale.

When Ideamensch guru Doe Deere founded Lime Crime to specialize in ladies’ beauty products, her main target were the girls who are more popular with the beauty enhancement products. She had her target right as beauty enhancement products are mostly used by girls between the ages of 16 to 20.

With her market target on track, she now embarked on making the brands popular among her target. This involved marketing the brands. She took a strategy that gave her an edge over the other manufacturers in the industry of beauty products. In advertising and marketing, one can use various channels depending on his or her market target. Mainstream media such as TV and radio are among the commonly used channels of advertising by the business people.

Doe Deere having a clear mind on who her target consumers were engaged social medial advertising as many girls in the age bracket of 16 to 20 are always hooked up to social media sites. Her strategy worked well as many people came to know of her beauty products. With the use of social media, she was able to reach consumers from all corners of the world as the internet has no geographical limitation as compared to other channels of advertisement.

With the help of online transactions, she was able to sell her beauty products to customers from all over the world. With the help of a blog through which she advertises her beauty products, she is able to get people’s feedback on the products.

Some of the beauty products her business Lime Crime deals with include lipsticks which come in different colors. Other make ups for the eyes include products such as Glitter Helper which enhances the beauty in the eyes. With the help of the internet, Doe Deere has made a name for herself and her business in the beauty industry.

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