Don Ressler’s Co-Creation Of A Limitless Women’s Clothing Brand

As Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg entered the clothing market, not a lot of critics could foresee a $250 million revenue in three years. Nonetheless, the brand “Fabletics“, which offers fashionable, affordable, and athletic clothes has stunned all the critics with its growth. Alongside Kate Hudson as the face of the brand, they captured an enormous market share via their e-commerce as well as in-face sales.


The Beginning


Don Ressler’s joined efforts with Goldenberg enabled them to get a good grasp on what women wanted. According to the founders, the clothes in the market were “garish, expensive and oftentimes ill-fitting”. To make sure that they were on the right track, the duo performed tests and focus group studies that showcased results reflective of a larger population.


Ressler’s Contributions


Thanks to Don Ressler’s innovative idea to include Kate Hudson, the brand’s popularity skyrocketed. Hudson became the brand’s face that people now correlate with Fabletics. She also increased their marketing efficiency and social media presence, areas that this actress is very familiar with.


Another large contribution of Ressler is his designing breakthroughs. The reason why comfortable, functional, and fashionable clothes, pants perse, are not available is the complexity of creating them. His previous experience enabled the co-founder of Fabletics to find the right manufacturer who can perform up to par.


Moreover, the cost structure of the brand was greatly impacted by this individual. The addition of a $50 subscription-based fee was a way to generate more income while preserving customer retention. The fee makes one eligible for discounts on their purchases, as well as additional features such as free shipping and reward points. Basically, it is a way to obtain an early income push for products that would have been sold regardless.


The Future


Don Ressler’s vision is focused on constant growth. An example of him working to expand a rapidly growing brand is the addition of plus-size women’s clothing line in 2017. This way, the availability is going to be widened to a broader market population, thus increasing the demand and profits.


Finally, the brand has implemented a quiz that evaluates potential buyers. It consists of questions that are aimed to determine what type of buyer one is, what are their characteristics, and what they are looking for. This enabled Fabletics to customize their offering to people who are interested in the brand. After all, completing a survey that matches one with the best-fitting apparel seems like an effortless way to buy clothes!

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