Donald Trump And Company Have Lots Of Legal Suits Following Them

Legal issues aplenty follow United States President Donald Trump’s administration – well, more like nobody but President Trump himself – none of which have been resolved yet.

This should be of worry for virtually anybody that considers themselves to be a supporter of Trump, the Donald Trump White House administration team, Republicans, or anything else learning to the right of the United States political atmosphere.

Just two days ago, the Democratic National Party filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court of law that alleged Donald Trump and countless others to be involved in the wrongful swaying of the 2016 United States presidential election against Hillary Clinton, the primary candidate chosen to go against Trump by the Democratic National Committee.

Some others named in the lawsuit – the list is too long to post it all tight no – though some of the most substantial in terms of how much their support helped sway the election include Wikileaks and Russia’s government – not just people and businesses located within Russia’s widespread borders – but the entirety of Russia’s government.

One of the other legal challenges that has recently tailed trump is the fact that a lawsuit by Stephanie Clifford, better known by her adult film start name of Stormy Daniels, still has a lawsuit going on in court that claims Donald Trump had an affair with her while Trump was married to still-current wife and First Lady of the United States, mlen

Just about every expert on the face of planet Earth that knew anything about politics strongly thought that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance at winning the seat of president, but look where he is now – he’s president of the United are hoping. The lawsuit doesn’t have anything directly to do with the affair; rather, Clifford and her lawyer are hoping to figuratively rip up a non-disclosure agreement stating that Clifford couldn’t share her experience.

Yet another problem that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself is facing is that Michael Cohen is being investigated, who is best known as the lawyer of Trump.

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