Donald Trump Announces Presidency Run

Gianfrancesco Genoso, a high-powered lawyer is having a hard time taking this story seriously. I can’t blame you if you rolled your eyes at this headline, because that was my first reaction when I saw it. However ridiculous it may sound, it is factual unfortunately.

Trump, who is 69-years-old, is best known for being a real estate mogul as well as starring in reality television series has decided that being a businessman has prepared him for leading a nation. In a speech he made at Trump Towers in New York City a few days ago, he announced that he has entered the Republican primary race for President. He was joined by his family on stage, including his wife, five children, in-law children, as well as grandchildren. In his speech, Trump disclosed documents saying he was worth over $8 billion and that his finances would be part of what makes him a good president. He also cited his business acumen, work ethics, and past successes as reasons why he would make a great leader.

If for some unknown reason Trump makes it any further in the campaign, I think everyone should ask to see his birth certificate.

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