Donald Trump: I Wish I’d Picked Another Attorney General

Donald Trump on Wednesday expressed his dissatisfaction with the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions when he took to his Tweeter handle saying he wished he had selected another person to be at the pinnacle of the Justice Department.

In his Tweet, Trump reiterated Republican’s Trey Gowdy’s comments on the issue when he [Gowdy] featured on “CBS This Morning when he appeared to side with the president’s disappointment with Sessions’ decisions to stay aloof of the Russia probe.

Quoting Gowdy’s words, the president said, “I think what the president is doing is making it known that he was frustrated that Jeff Sessions failed to share his reasons for recusal long before he was appointed the Attorney General. If I were the president, I would have picked another individual to head the Criminal and Justice Department… There are many good lawyers in the country, and the president could have selected somebody else.” Trump completed the tweet, saying, “I wish I did.”

Sessions has been the highlight of the president’s ire since he made clear his recusal in March 2017 from a federal investigation proceeding on the interference of Russia in the 2016 polls. These ill-sentiments from Trump come almost a year after Sessions handed him a resignation letter, but he [Trump] refused to accept it.

While Trump seemed to have seconded what Gowdy said on Wednesday morning, the latter has been in recent weeks been a big critic of the president’s use of Tweeter to bash the Attorney General. “Doing this is not doing our justice system any good.” He said this after Trump attacked the beleaguered AG in July last year after failing to investigate Hillary Clinton.

When he appeared on Fox News on Tuesday, THE Republican lawmaker was against the president claims that the FBI used an informant to spy on his campaigns under President Obama’s watch. Speaking on that, Gowdy said that the FBI acted just as the public would have wished and that the investigation had nothing to do with Donald Trump.



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