Donald Trump Jr to Testify Before Congress

When Donald Trump announced that he was running for Presidency most people just laughed. When Donald Trump brought his hackneyed phrases and trademark brashness, along with no preparation, to the GOP primary debates — people continued to laugh. After Donald Trump won the White House the laughter stopped and people started paying attention as to how he got there. The results of this search have been highly documented by way of the Senate Intelligence Committee as well as a Special Counsel who has been assigned to see just how far Donald Trump and his campaign went to collude with Russia to try and steal the election. Now, the scandal has reached a fever pitch and Donald Trump Jr himself has been implicated.

Last week we saw Donald Trump Jr blow the lid off of the Russia investigation, albeit not in the way he had hoped. The New York Times acquired leaked emails of correspondence between Trump Jr and members of the Russian government in order to put together a meeting to target Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr as well as seven other individuals were at this meeting and it is proof positive that the Trump’s have been lying about their Russian involvement since day 1. The story has changed from ‘We’ve never met any Russian’s’ to ‘Meeting Russian government officials to collude against the United States is totally fine.’

Now, Trump Jr will be dragged before members of Congress along with Trump’s campaign adviser, Paul Manafort. The session will be broadcast live and it will feature both Democrats and Republicans asking questions. Democrats will likely want to know why Trump Jr colluded with a foreign government while Republicans, already struggling to maintain party unity in light of their healthcare repeal failures, will likely coalesce around some softball questions. Either way, this is proof positive that Russian collusion might go all the way to the Oval office.

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