Dr. David Samadi Contribution to Prostate Cancer Treatment

We are in an epoch where cancer awareness is at its apogee. Notably, men today are experiencing prostate cancer as one of their menaces and thus requiring to visit health facilities severally for their check-up. It is in line with this menace that Dr. David Samadi has come out broadly as a professional urologist to give consultation to men who have suffered or have been diagnosed with the prostate cancer. He has severally noted that one out of seven men is diagnosed with the prostate cancer.

It should be noted that Dr. David is a graduate who pursues a course in the general surgery. He has conducted numerous surgeries that have been successful and thus have been at the forefront of saving lives of many. He is also an expert in robotic surgery whereby he has conducted above 6500 robotic surgeries. He has been passionate about his profession and started his treatment known as the SMART surgery. He has taken each individual patients through steps in educating and also supporting them during the process. He does not only offer surgical treatment to the patients with the prostate cancer rather he does provide awareness and check up to men who may be vulnerable to the disease.

Through the free consultations that David Samadi provides, he notes that men should be aware of how the prostate cancer affects their sex life and also their urination process. According to DR. David Samadi if the condition is noted in the early state then it can be dealt with through the surgery. He notes that cancer becomes incurable once it penetrates to other parts and this can only happen if the people diagnosed with it will not have an awareness of the condition.

David Samadi is a person who walks through with his patients through the journey of healing and ensuring that the lives of the patients do not deteriorate due to the condition. The condition of prostate cancer is associated with old men who are passed the years of 50. According to the doctor, all men should understand the signs as he has noted the cases of the young people also. He notes that the cure for the prostate cancer only lies by detecting it in its early states. As the head of Lenox Hill Hospital, David Samadi has speared the cancer awareness program and also conducted great research to ensure that cancer is fully dealt with.

Dr. David Samadi Info: medium.com/@dr.davidsamadi

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