Dr. Rod Rohrich is more than just a doctor, to some, he’s a hero

Few people bear such responsibilities and such power over others as surgeons. With patients’ lives literally in their hands, surgeons wield an enormous power that can be used for some of the greatest, most tangible good that any professional could ever enjoy.

Nowhere is this truer than with plastic surgery. While many members of the general public view plastic surgery as an elective treatment for conditions that don’t even necessarily need to be remedied, any real plastic surgeon will tell you that the field is an indispensable part of any hospital’s tool set. Many patients benefit enormously from intervention by plastic surgeons. Some of them simply would not be able to function without undergoing treatments by the skilled hands of reconstructive surgeons.

This is what originally drew Dr. Rohrich into the field. He saw the power that plastic surgery had to restore to health patients who had suffered terrible accidents or who had undergone radical surgery for cancer. Many of Dr. Rohrich’s innovations in the field have been extensively put to use in helping those who have undergone brutal cancer treatments. These include such procedures as masectomies, which often leave the patients permanently disfigured and severely lacking in the self esteem necessary to lead fulfilling lives. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can help these patients overcome the hardships brought about by some of the more radical forms of cancer treatment.

Dr. Rohrich himself has had a stunningly successful career. Having authored over 300 scientific papers, peer reviewed by various medical journals, he is perhaps the most widely published and oft cited contributor to the medical literature in the field of plastic surgery. But prolific research and novel approaches and procedures are hardly the only credit to Dr. Rohrich’s name.

He has also delivered over 900 scientific presentations to various medical symposia and has chaired over 100 conferences. In 2005, he was appointed editor in chief of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” the official publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Rohrich is credited with making major contributions to the disciplines of rhinoplasty, facial fracture reconstruction and anti-aging and youth restoral treatments.

He has also chaired the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas since 1991.

Few people have contributed more the field of plastic surgery than Dr. Rohrich. But he remains humble, saying that he is excited to pass the buck onto the next generation of plastic surgeons. He hopes that his efforts at education will have the most lasting effects.

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