Dr. Saad: A Pediatrician Who Cares

If you have never heard of Dr. Saad, it’s about time that you do. As a doctor with years of experience, it’s no wonder that he has led the way with many new surgical techniques and methods in the world of pediatric surgery. He has been known to do pro bono work for children, both in the U.S and in Jerusalem, as well.



Two of the most impressive results of Dr. Saad’s dedication to surgery and the medical field have been in the way of inventions. He created a catheter that doesn’t require any kind of x-ray to view it. With the patient’s health in mind, Dr. Saad invented something known as a catheter with an integral electromagnetic location identification device. It helps to eliminate any exposure to harmful radiation scans and ensures that the surgeon can easily find the catheter.



His other invention is a device used to help doctors perform endoscopy’s that are much safer and less time consuming. It helps to keep the area clear of liquid and “fog” so that the surgeon can get a clear view of what is going on in a patient. This device helps to make it easier for endoscope doctors to do their job and also cuts down on the time it takes to do one, which is safer for the patient.



Why would Dr. Saad take the time to create these devices? He clearly understands the need for them. With 20+ years on the job, it’s no wonder that he would want to create tools that will make surgeon’s jobs easier and better for the patients. As a pediatric surgeon, he knows just how important it is to minimize room for complication or error, and these devices are proving this. They benefit the patient in many ways, such as limiting radiation and surgery time.



Located in Eatontown, New Jersey, he practices in many different hospitals. He has provided his expertise at places such as Long Branch Campus and Monmouth Medical Center, to name a few. Originally graduating from Cairo University School of Medicine, he has come a long way in his career and has proved that the medical field needs more doctors like him—surgeons who go the distance in making things easier for patients and surgeons alike.



As a pediatric surgeon specialist, he dedicates his expertise to improving the lives of children, both in New Jersey and all over the nation and abroad. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


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