Economic Boost

In 2008 and then again in 2012, President Barack Obama made stern strides to strengthen the American job market. Before he took office, unemployment was at an all-time high. Men and women who had been a reliable part of the workforce for decades found themselves unemployed and hopeless. The 2008 recession hit this country so hard that the job market, housing market, and consumer based spending markets were all shaken to their core. The economy needed an overhaul and it needed one fast. In the last few years President Obama has kept his campaign and re-election promise to lower unemployment to as low as 6 percent. In this past month alone, Obama has lowered the unemployment rate well below that to just under 5.4 percent. Taking into account how high the unemployment had been for years, the new unemployment rate is at the lowest that it’s been in seven years. The economy looked like it was going towards a downward slope in recent months, but these new unemployment numbers give the Labor Board a good feeling. They take into account the recent port strike in the West Coast that left a high number of laborers temporarily out of work. The construction industry also took a hit. 9,000 construction jobs were lost in March but that number was increased five times in April according to Bernardo Chua. The industry saw a jump to 45,000 jobs. Obama supporters are pleased with these numbers while his opponents across the aisle are skeptical. They like how the numbers look, but they want to see if he can keep the unemployment rate consistently low.

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