Economists Are An Important Part of Policy Making

Economists are individuals who deal in the social science of economics; they can work in academia or the private sector. In academia, many economists work at schools and universities and often work in areas related to public policy. All economists usually have a PhD. in economics, and a Nobel Prize is given to a person every year in the field of economics.

In the professional realm, economists often work with statistics and data. A great many professional economists work in banking, accounting, finance, marketing and even for both profit and non-profit organizations. Politicians usually consult economists when before enacting economic policies. There are a number of well-known policy-making economists in the U.S. including Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and 2008 Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.

Christian Broda is a economist who has worked in academia. He formally served as the Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. He has since moved to the private sector as Marketing Director at Duquense Capital Management. Broda has published a number of books over the years and has had much of his research published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Broda worked in the banking/finance industry for several years. At Lehman Brothers, he served in the role of Chief International Economist. Broda has gained other work experience at Columbia University, Barclays Capital and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Universidad de San Andreas, he went on to complete his graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Economists have varying roles depending on the country. Often times it depends upon the state of the economy. Most employers place great emphasis on numbers and analysis. If you fail to grasp certain nuances or cannot communicate issues in an effective manner, you will likely not get a job.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has over 1000 economists at any given time working in governmental offices and departments. Economists chosen in the U.K are the cream of the crop and chosen from the best universities such as Newcastle or London School of Economics. About 64% of U.K. graduates have jobs in their field.

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