Educational Donations to Help the Educational Areana

Education is the foundation for our great future. Mr. Charles Koch recognizes that and knows that with a quality education, our future is dim. However, Mr. Koch is trying to ensure that there is adequate funding for education programs out there for students currently. A non-profit organization, Charles Koch Foundation, was founded in 1980 and supports academic research and education programs. Mr. Koch has used his foundation to help those that are less fortunate to gain the education to shape a better future. Of the contributions, $90 million went to colleges and universities in the South. His donations to the vast amount of colleges and universities will assist with academic programming, scholarships, conferences, professorships as well as organizing lecture series. From 2005 to 2014, Mr. Koch donates approximately $108 million to 366 higher education programs in the United States.

Mr. Koch’s donations allow for the donations to help schools with their academic programming. This approach is taken by a free-market strategy and is a multi-pronged approach. This multi-pronged approach begins with the structure of social change where donations are contributed to colleges and universities to help produce “intellectual ram materials”, then the think tanks come in and help improve programming with policy recommendations. The donations help students receive an education that they may not have has the opportunity to receive without the funding.

Charles Koch is a well-known philanthropist. He is the chief executive officer, the co-owner, and chairman of the board for Koch Industries. Koch Industries is in charge of many different businesses for example they produce equipment to help with pollution control and fertilizers. Koch Industries also produce forest and consumer products. Some notable businesses that stem from the corporation are Stainmaster carpet, Lycra, and Quilted Northern. Mr. Koch supports many free-market oriented educational organizations, such as the Institute for Humane Studies out of Arlington, Virginia as well as the Meracatus Center at George Mason University. He leads and donates to these organizations as well as to the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation, the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, and The Charles Koch Institute. Mr. Koch also co-founded the Cato Institute that is recognized as one of the leading think tanks in Washington, D.C.

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