Elizabeth Warren Says Sessions Should be Fired

Elizabeth Warren recently called for the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This happens as the Attorney General is scheduled to appear before the Senate in a public hearing regarding his possible involvement with Russia.



Sessions is suspected of lying while under oath to the senate regarding his relationship with Russia last year. He is scheduled to appear before the Senate in connection with these allegations on Tuesday.



In a podcast hosted by David Axelrod, Elizabeth Warren stated: “He needs to be fired. He needs to be taken out of that job.”



The Democratic Senator from Massachusetts spoke of the Attorney General’s lack of honesty during his confirmation as Attorney General, stating that this should disqualify him from serving.



Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, demanded the resignation of Attorney General Sessions after the Washington Post claimed that Sessions met twice with the Russian envoy, meetings that he did not disclose to the Senate.



This investigation happens alongside the ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in influencing the recent U.S. election.



The slowly unfolding scandal exploded after President Donald Trump fired James Comey. Although President Trump initially claimed that he fired Comey over his failure to properly investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server, the President stated in his letter to Mr. Comey that his reason was actually the former head of the FBI’s perceived lack of loyalty and his continued investigation into Russian involvement in the US election.



Although the FBI is an independent organization, the President met three times with the former Director of the FBI, meetings where (according to Comey’s testimony), the President demanded the director’s loyalty.



Although the FBI now believes Russian involvement in the recent election to be confirmed, investigators have found no evidence that directly implicates the President, the investigation is ongoing. On May 17, 2017, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, elected Robert Mueller to head a special counsel charged with investigating the possible ties between the 2016 election and Russia.


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