End Citizens United Changing The Face Of Politics

Different individuals and organizations fund most politicians campaigns in the United States. The most common one is the Political Actions Committee commonly referred to as Super PACs. Some Democrat leaders have declined corporate funding and have joined the End Citizen United which is an alternative political funding group.

About End Citizens United
Commonly known as ECU, End Citizens United is a non-profitable organization focused on reducing the influence of Political Action Committees in the financing of the different political leaders. End Citizens United was formed after a Supreme Court case in 2011 that allowed many groups and individuals to fund political campaigns without being regulated.

The Mission of End Citizens United
The primary mission of the End Citizens United is to bring to an end the excess spending in politics and restore the political system which would only be possible by electing leaders who push for the campaign finance reform. It also focuses on passing state ballot measures.

How does End Citizens United get its financial support?
When it comes to the financing of its operations, End Citizens United ensures that it is always accountable. The ECU carries out fundraisers to ensure that its leaders get money to run their campaigns. It brings together all voters across the country who are passionate about campaign finance reforms and show their support by giving donations which goes to supporting the candidates with the same ideology. With their strategy of doing away with the contributions by the corporate, End Citizens United seeks to finish off these financial corporate through the thousands of smaller donations by the American Citizens who support the cause.

End Citizens United seeks to raise about 35 million dollars in 2018 which is to be achieved through small donations. They noted that individuals donate an average of 14 dollars which goes directly to the support of these like-minded politicians.

The End Citizens United Headquarters
The headquarters of the ECU is in Washington DC but has active members in each state. End Citizens United is led by Tiffany Muller who is also the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the organization.

Apart from showing support to the candidates who support them, the organization operates an attack campaign against individuals who are against the finance reforms. This prompted the End Citizens United to release a list which was famously known as the ‘Big Money 20′. The list consists of politicians who get financial aid from corporate to finance their campaigns.

Endorsements by the End Citizens United
ECU is an organization that supports individuals who believe in political finance reforms. It is for this reason that they have put their support behind the New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who declined the corporate money to support ECU. Their involvement with End Citizens United is a big win for the people of the United States in the fight for everyone to have a voice in the country’s Democracy.

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