End Citizens United Endorses Democrat Candidate Connor Lamb

     The Pennsylvania congressional 18th district is a steel and mining town just outside of Pittsburgh. This Rust Belt district voted for Trump in the presidential election and it is a traditionally republican district. The former representative for this district -Tim Murphy- had to step down after sexual misconduct involving forcing his mistress to get an abortion. After he stepped down, this left an opportunity for new candidates in an upcoming special election to represent the area. The Republican running is Rick Saccone. This could be an easy win for him as Democrats didn’t even bother running against the last Republican that held that position. The Democrat candidate who is running is Connor Lamb. He’s 33 years old, a former Marine, and he has gained some esteem with Democrat voters and moderates in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He is for the Second Amendment and End Citizens United to get corporate money out of politics. This should help him to be appealing to moderates. Resistance in this district has grown to the point where Connor Lamb does have some hope to have enough votes. Connor Lamb did a recent interview with a reporter a week ago and a 93-year-old veteran from World War II come over to shake hands with him.

The veteran Ted Skowron told Connor “I just wanted to let you know: get in there and get him out! Because if you don’t do it, I’m coming down myself.” The long time Democrat is a former union member crane operator. He is one of a growing number of people 18th comgressional district to oppose the president and Republican representation. Other Democrat voters in the area said that they’re excited to have Connor Lamb running because he’s a candidate with so many new ideas who is interested in helping out their district.

Connor Lamb’s first endorsement is from the organization End Citizens United that opposes spending money from corporate groups in politics. This is a clear difference from his opponent you didn’t use corporate group money to fund ads for his campaign.

“Lamb is running for Congress to stand up for Pennsylvania families who have been ignored by the rigged system in Washington.” States End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller. “Our grassroots members are eager to fight back against the shady special interests to buy this race.”

End Citizens United is so named after a 2010 Supreme Court decision that limits spending by corporations and groups. After being endorsed by End Citizens United, Connor Lamb vowed that he would not take any money from political action organizations managed by corporate groups. He can still take money from union organized groups, as this is not considered a corporation.

“We know our system isn’t working. Our campaign finance system is part of the reason why.” says Lamb.

Mr. Saccone -on the other hand- had been taking money from corporate groups who are funding ad campaigns for him. These corporate organizations have already funded an ad campaign worth $500,000. They are expected to fund $1 million toward his total ad campaigns.

End Citizens United is planning on helping Connor Lamb raise perhaps a similar amount to what they helped Doug Jones raise in Alabama to fund his campaign against Roy Moore. The spokesperson of End Citizens United commented that every race is different, so they have no idea how much they will be able to help Lamb raise. It is possible they will be able to raise the $600,000 that they were capable of raising for Doug Jones. The special election is going to be held on March 13.

We’re proud to stand with Conor Lamb! He’s rejecting all corporate PAC money because his focus is on working families, not deep-pocketed mega-donors.

Posted by End Citizens United on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

For more, please check http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/.

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