Engineering a successful career in the music industry

Highly accomplished and industry respected audio engineer Clayton Hutson is a very busy man. Among his many high profile accomplishments, he has performed many managerial and technical tasks for such headliners as Pink, Guns N’ Roses, and Kid Rock. With Kid Rock, he has served as tour manager on the latest tour, the American Rock and Roll Tour.


Having now been in the business for 20 years, Clayton has a specific plan leading to his business success, as well as how he attracts clients and keeps their business. In an interview outlined in The Bro Talk, Hutson covers a number of topics relevant to topics and interests in his life.


Clayton went on to talk about such things as his normal workday, and techniques he uses to maximize his time while at work. He briefly touches upon regrets and past failures in business, and what he’s learned from these experiences.


Believing that a staff member’s skill is still more important than their attitude (“It’s often impossible to fully train a likable but untalented worker”), he explains in greater detail how he approaches this question. Taking inspiration from famous sayings, this avid reader outlines what books help give him motivation and help him deal with the stresses that come from his extremely busy, complex position in the entertainment world.


Clayton Hutson (also known as Clay), is a tour producer, production manager, stage manager, and live sound engineer based out of Nsshville, TN. The services he provides clients includes Production Design, Production Management, Logistics Management, Stage Management, Show Producer, Monitor Engineer, and Rigging.


Mr. Hutson began his career in Nashville, taking theater design courses at the university level. As an audio engineer, working with companies in the music industry, he moved up into becoming a project manager.


After continuing to grow and progress at his position, honing his considerable skills in the process, he elected to go out on his own. He went on to establish a firm that manages, produces, and designs concerts, mostly consisting of rock music.


Though working mostly in North America, Mr. Hutson does have some impressive worldwide assignments on his resume. In 2005, as a monitor engineer for the band known as Garbage, he traveled to parts of Europe and Australia in the “Bleed Like Me” world tour. Last year, for OneRepublic’s “Honda Civic Tour”, he operated the rigging system. The concerts took place in July, August, and September throughout Asia and North America. Learn more:

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