Equity First Holdings; the Hub of Financial Empowerment

The emergent customer demands tell that customers are looking to get goods and services in a less cumbersome and low-cost process where they put in less and get more. The financial institutions understand this crystal clear and are seeking ways to which customers are satisfied and simultaneously not exposing themselves to risk. The Equity First Holding is such a company that deals with lending through stock as security.

The distinct approach in lending made the company peak from the onset. Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 at Indianapolis, USA by Al Christy, Jr who is the group’s Chief Executive Officer and has been operating in Australia. Along with the company’s expansion strategies, the Australia Head Offices will be moved to Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. The new premises will better serve the existing, new clients along with its staff. Also, the location is within quick proximity of their business associates and clients.

Equity First Holding has other auxiliary offices in, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Switzerland. Similarly, within the Australia boundaries, the company has three offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. This global lender has an interactive site, from which clients get prime information and company’s unrestricted data from.

About Equity First Holding

Is I had earlier on mentioned, Equity First Holding lends out nonpurpose capital using the client’s stocks that are publicly traded on the exchange. In this case, the stocks are used as collateral. The EFH is the preferred financial institution for its high loan value, fixed interest rates- stability and furthermore the loans are non-recourse.

The beneficiaries of EFH are persons in large scale business who deal with high volumes of stocks that EFH can accept as security. The company thereof advances liquidity to its clients regardless of whether it’s to business start-up, expansion or otherwise. Commendably, the EFH has done over 700 transactions valued at approximately $1.4 billion.

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