Eric Pulier, Hands Together!

CSC or computer science cooperation, was founded on April 16, 1959 By Roy Nutt and Fetcher Jones. With only $100 pulled together these two men created a company that is now a global IT service company. With 70,000 employees worldwide the corporation plays a part in healthcare, banking, capital markets, travel, transportation, insurance, most of all technology and consumer services. The company needed a man who was just as innovated and progressive as they are to be CEO. So they brought in mr Eric Pulier, someone who has been all over the place starting when he graduated from Harvard university 1984. During his time at the University he wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson and also took classes at the school right by MIT. Having come along way since being a boy in Teaneck New Jersey, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 And became the man behind people doing things. PDT is the company that addressed healthcare education and other issues through the use of technology.

Being quite the Philanthropist, Eric Pulier has dipped his fingers in quite a few charities. He is a board member to the painted turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness. He found it digital evolution in 1994 and has since moved his way up into becoming chief executive officer of Stemulis. He is known as a entrepreneur, a published author and a beloved philanthropist. But the title that Eric Pulier Holtz is being a proud father of four children. He has helped change the lives of countless people with this charity work and has helped 15 companies become the giants that they are today.

This Renaissance man has used his talents to obtain a plethora of titles leaving us also wonder if he will ever slow down. Will he start yet another company? What could it be for? And how does he still have all of his hair? Only time will tell we suppose, but he seems to be The human form of the energizer bunny. Although we don’t exactly think that pink is quite his color, but we’re pretty sure that Eric Pulier will find a way to make it work. Coming back to his Academic career

Eric Pulier has sense become a corporate maniac. Being the key of whether or not a company will make it or break it. Hopefully he will be able to spend more time with his children who we assume probably miss him very much. It’s common knowledge that the corporate world can be a cruel mistress, But we supposed if you didn’t like it he wouldn’t have put a ring on it. Hopefully Eric Pulier will come out with some new and exciting event for all of us to enjoy.

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