Eric Pulier: Tech Wizard, Community Saint

Eric Pulier is a public figure who combines the best of both worlds: brilliance and kindness. Through his charity work and his philanthropic efforts, he has managed to turn his strengths into benefits for others. He has always had a knack for communication and technology, and has turned that into a spring of innovations for children in terms of education and healthcare.

For example, Eric Pulier has created over 15 companies, many of which focus on specific solutions in the healthcare or education space. Take Digital Evolution for instance. In this case, he teamed up with the famous Steven Spielberg to make a digital platform that helps kids learn about their illnesses. They not only can learn about their diseases, like MS or diabetes, but also connect with others. Through the secure online chat rooms and blog posts, kids can talk with one another, eliminating the feeling of loneliness and to know more click here

Most of Pulier’s companies have raised millions of dollars in outside funding from venture capital firms and other investors. To date, he has raised more than $200 million for his companies. He is also an accomplished author and speaker. He regularly travels to conferences to assist others in taking their approaches to solving problems to the next level.

It’s not just his own companies that he helps. He regularly contributes to charities like The Painted Turtle. This summer camp program brings kids to life who are sick or seriously ill in the California area. And he sits on the board of the Xprize Foundation, which awards cash to innovators who can solve important problems in the world. One such recent problem was that of finding out how to educate rural children in Africa so they can read. Illiteracy is a huge problem in that part of the world. Eric Pulier resides in California with his four children.

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