Eric Pulier: The Unsung Hero

Why is it that the most popular people never seem to make an impact on and for the betterment of society? Everytime you turn of the television there’s some famous celebrity selling a product or service, but never really has any interest in the product/service they’re selling. Unfortunately many of the greatest achievers never get the attention they truly deserve and Eric Pulier epitomizes this perfectly. You probably have never heard of this guy, but he has done some extraordinary things for society in-general. Eric Pulier is known as a businessman, investor, philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur.

Before starting his professional career, Pulier attended (MIT) and Harvard University. Having such huge expectations on himself, he began editing for The Harvard Crimson in which he also wrote columns for. At this time he had a full schedule and by 1988, Pulier graduated from college. Within a few years he would set sail for Los Angeles and began his professional career. People Doing Things (PDT) was one of his first developed companies. People Doing Things addressed issues in the healthcare and education fields by means of technology. Once his career got going on all cylinders he had a hand in almost everything possible whether it was in education, government, or technology. The immense success of this guy has resulted in him owning around 15 companies while winning numerous awards throughout the years. Pulier was chosen with an exclusive role for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration. This brilliant minded individual built and operated “The Bridge To The 21st” platform. The event lasted a few days as thousands of people and members of congress attended the festive atmosphere. This event was truly successful and it boosted the guy’s aura tremendously.

Being a natural philanthropist at heart, Mr. Pulier raised and donated funds to many charities and organizations such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Mon. Ventures. Having a hand in so many endeavors has caused this guy to raise the status quo for greatness and Eric Pulier is continuing to push himself even farther to enhance the live of many.

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