Eric Pulier’s And His Art Of Building Successful Businesses

Eric Pulier easily passes off as your average 40-year-old, but on a closer look, the man has achieved a lot for his age. He is a graduate from the Ivy League college, Harvard. With his entrepreneurial acumen, Eric has been able to build and grow several startups. He is a respected author, public speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast.


Eric Pulier has managed to establish over fifteen companies which through hard work have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. It’s amazing how one person is capable of achieving what Eric Pulier has achieved over time.


Mr. Pulier is driven by passion and the urge to create an impact in the lives of as many people as he can. He has invested in various venture capital firms, and he is an active partner with some charitable organizations. He focuses on providing seed funds to start-ups in media and technology.


Eric Pulier grew up in the New Jersey neighborhood. At a tender age, he developed an interest in programming. His passion in programming enabled him to start his first database systems development company after he finished high school in 1984.

He got a chance to be admitted to Harvard College, and as soon as he finished his undergraduate, he became the editor of The Harvard Crimson, the college’s daily newspaper. Eric Pulier’s publications tackled a range of topics from the effects of terrorism to the misconceptions about a Harvard degree. In the year 1991, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles to actualize his dreams.


His success in business

XPrize goes on record as one of Mr. Pulier’s notable startup in regards to success and impact to communities. The program brings together people who are willing to push themselves to their fullest potential who compete against each other to win coveted prizes. The vision behind the program is to recognize young people who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

Another success to his name is the Akana project. Eric Pulier also founded SOA software program which he later sold to Rogue Wave Software.


Through philanthropy and technology solutions, Pulier has been able to leave a positive mark in business space across the globe.

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