Everything You Need To Know About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin belongs to the latest breed of attorneys who believe in getting the highest levels of justice for their clients. This attorney has helped very many clients get even more that they thought they would end up getting when they were involved in accidents and sustained injuries. Dan is inspired by the passion he has for public service to fight so vigorously for his client’s justice. For a man who has worked in many sectors of the public service, it finally dawned on him that he could have done a better job if he were a lawyer.

While working as a Deputy Sheriff in Orange County Sheriff’s Office, he went to college at night and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Just after finishing the degree, he went back to school again and obtained a law degree from the Florida Law School. Dan says that if it was not for his bosses who ensured that he remained actively employed when still in law school, he would not have made it that far. Soon after graduating, he launched his career that has tremendously changed how people get compensated for accidents and injuries.

Since the year 2001, his office has been in existence taking care of his client’s needs. His firm is all about maximizing the client’s monetary recovery while at the same time protecting all their legal rights. Different with other firms in the same niche who ask for lump sum amounts of cash before embarking on a case, Dan’s firm only asks for payment after the compensation has been made. This is probably one of the many reasons that his services are in very high demand.

His office has been able to recover over 100 million for accident and injury and accident victims and has represented over 10,000 people from all over Florida. Many people wonder how one single man can have such a tremendous effect on justice. What they do not keep in mind, however, is the fact that Dan has had experience in the police department therefore making him become very well acquitted with how the police department works in delivering justice. When that is combined with his knowledge of the law, the results just end up being magnificent.

Dan Newlin’s office (Yahoo) is open to the general public at all times. Anyone with an issue that needs representation is encouraged to get in touch with the office so that arrangements can be done towards delivering justice. Many clients have provided testimonials that make him the man to watch when all matters related to justice being delivered are concerned. Every client wants to be represented by a lawyer who has higher chances of losing as compared to winning.

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