Expense and time are no object in The Dorchester Collection expansion

Understanding the expansion choices made by The Dorchester Collection can often be difficult for those who would look for the fastest expansion route possible to understand. However, CEO Christopher Cowdray has worked alongside the owners of the chain to make sure they have a plan in place that will see the chain remain opulent and exclusive long into the future following a period of slow and steady growth. The Dorchester Collection was established in 2006 with just five hotels on its books, by the start of 2015 just nine hotels were in the chain after a New York location was sold because it did not fit in with the future of the brand.

A part of the slow growth that can be highlighted within The Dorchester Collection is the refurbishment of The Hotel Bel Air, which was purchased and closed for two years as the perfect luxurious destination was created.  Pictures on Instagram only show part of the story. The decision to close the hotel for two years is one that shows the trust the Brunei Investment Company have in CEO Christopher Cowdray to lead the chain into the future and create the perfect environment for their guests. Closing a well known hotel for two years to refurbish it shows how important the perfect environment is to The Dorchester Collection and to the owners of the chain.

The continued expansion of the chain is being left in the hands of Cowdray as he leads The Dorchester Collection into the 21st century and follows a planned growth that will see more locations opened across the world. Cowdray refuses to drag The Dorchester Collection into the opening of new destinations purely for the sake of opening more hotels. Despite a want and need to grow, The Dorchester Collection will remain on a slow and steady path towards opening up a few new destinations in the most luxurious locations in the world.

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