Export order Your Version Proofreading Submission Luxury Lingerie Brand Honey Birdette Expands Its Impressive Plans For Global Growth

Honey Birdette has been growing across the planet in recent years after leaving its comfort zone in Australia and bringing its range of impressive luxury lingerie and adult products to the people of the world. Across the planet, Honey Birdette has been seeing huge levels of growth that includes both physical stores and Online sales; in 2017 it was announced both areas of the modern retail industry would provide the focus for Honey Birdette as the brand expanded across the U.K. and U.S.

In the U.K., Honey Birdette has identified its expansion as being best served with the creation of a series of new physical stores on British high streets. The lingerie brand began its invasion of the U.K. with a flagship store opening in the upmarket area of Covent Garden, which was followed by two more stores in and around the London area; a further 37 physical stores have been announced by Honey Birdette that will open by the end of 2018 in cities across the U.K.

A different approach has been identified by Honey Birdette in the vast market of the U.S. where Online sales remain the focus of the brand. An amazing level of growth has been identified in U.S. sales reaching over 300 percent across 2016 and into 2017 leading to the development of a dedicated U.S. based sales platform.

Honey Birdette has become one of the world’s leading lingerie and adult products stores in just over a decade based on the high quality of the products produced in-house under the continued supervision of founder Eloise Monaghan.

Not only do the products sold attract a range of customers to the store, but the luxury experience included in a visit to a Honey Birdette location always plays a major part in the success of the brand, which includes the free flowing champagne provided for every customer during their trip to a Honey Birdette location.

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