Fabletics Tremendous Fashionable Active Wears

Fabletics is a company that was founded by Kate Hudson, alongside Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. This happened after they identified a gap in the market for active wear, where there were a variety of brands but none of them offered gears that were stylish, affordable, and of high-quality, all specifications in one item. Therefore, in 2013, the three came together and founded the brand of Fabletics. It is quite challenging for an online business on fashion to succeed while Amazon is in control of 20 percent of the fashion market. Interesting to note, fabletics has managed to succeed. They have attained an average of $250 million in three years which has grown the movement of active wear.


They employ a subscription mechanic to retail their clothes to customers, which is a simple and convenient method for both parties. Previously, brands of high value were rated through their quality and price. Recently, this is not the case as there has been a significant change in the economy which has eliminated these factors from being the determinants. Therefore, aspects such as brand recognition, last-mile service, gamification elements, exclusive design, and also customer experience are the determiners of high-value products.


The company is implementing strategies to open up more stores for easier accessibility of customers. They will add to the sixteen stores that are already active in areas such as Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois. Fabletics have embraced reverse show rooming which is a model that is significantly unique. They have brought out positivism in browsing as most of their counterparts do not engage in it. They exploited a strategy which has enabled them to develop relationships, become reliable, and also enabled them to learn more about the local markets through functions and events among other activities. Through this, almost half of the people who walk in their stores are members of their association, while a quarter have attained membership in the store.


At Beverly Hills Hotel, an event was set up to celebrate the collaboration of Fabletics with the famous pop star, Demi Lovato. This was in the presence of popular celebrities, paparazzi, and the hangers on. During the launch, Demi Lovato stated that she loves Fabletics as the clothes are desirably cute and she loves what they represent. She continued to say that the organization’s objective is to inspire and empower women so that they can become the best form of themselves, despite one’s size, shape, or age.


After Kate had been involved in the setting up of the athleisure brand, Fabletics, she began developing methods to facilitate its growth and development. She started with making reviews on the budgets and picking out strategies that would be used to create a connection between the foundation and social media. Currently, she has not changed as she frequently contributes in developing new designs and ensuring that the styles are up to date. She also runs records at the end of each week so as to identify the items that did better than others and those that require modification.


Partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group has also contributed to the growth of Fabletics. This is because this organization had already acquired enough experience in the online fashion industry, have sufficient funds, as well as reliable resources. They did not have to hire experts to design their website or market their products as the TechStyle Group led them through the entire process.

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