Fashion Gurus-Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Fashion lovers must always keep in touch with the latest fashion trends to be up to date with fashion they do this by regularly checking on their fashion house, what they manufacture and their latest fashion styles in the market. Their several fashion companies in the world that are famous for their quality and latest trends in the market. Such organizations have the largest followers as well as subscribers as most of them nowadays market and sell their products online. One of these fashion firms is TechStyle Fashion Group.

TechStyle Fashion Group was previously known as JustFab. The fashion company can well be described as an online fashion group that deals with shoes, clothing, as well as jewelry and they, sell their products through subscription. The firm was created in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The now prominent fashion group has been evolved over the years since it was established. After receiving over 33 million from Matrix Company, the then JustFab partnered with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics; JustFab brand. Fabletics is also an online subscription company f or active wear. The fashion company has been expanding ever since it was the establishment and each year they have been enjoying growth as they have been able to market and sell their products to not only the United States but also to other countries including France and Spain.

Don Ressler is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of intelligent Beauty Inc. and the co-founder of Fitness At Fitness; Don was also the President and the Chief Executive officer of the organization. Before Co-founding and being the Co-Chief Executive officer of TechStyle; Mr. Ressler has also worked in various fashion groups which he either co-founded or was holding a top position. Some of the fashion organization he has worked for include; Brand Ideas where he was a co-founder. The 28 years old is a successful American entrepreneur who since he began investing he has led a number of successful investments.

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder and the Co-Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle. The prominent businessman began his investment activities while s till young at the age of 13. At 13; Adam began an online bulletin which later expanded to be an online game website known as Gamer Alliance. The organization was later acquired by Intermix when Goldenberg was only 17 and he was offered a position as the Chief Operating officer when he was only 19 years old. Adam Goldenberg is the current Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle and he is responsible for the internal systems of the firms, the margins, the data, as well as marketing.

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