Fiorina Being Painted as a Republican Elite

There are some who believe that to become the US President you have to be worth a lot of money. After all until you are elected you will have to live on whatever income you have already and by the way your opportunity to continue your work will be also limited if you plan to have an effective campaign. Then you can add all the travel expenses on top of the living expenses and now you have some real financial spending. Folks at Boraie Development LLC wonder: If it takes so much money to sustain your life during a campaign, why would any reporter or news agency make a big deal about how much a candidate is worth? Well its really quite simple…it’s all politically motivated.

For those that like their candidates to have a lot of money, they will believe they relate to them and will have the same kind of ideas as to the role of government in the private sector. On the other hand, if the opposition has a lot of money than one might think the exact opposite of the candidate. Take for instance Carly Fiorina, she has a significant Net Worth in the range of $69 million. She has been the CEO of a major company and been extremely successful in the private sector. However, she is being painted as another Republican Elite and super rich that is not in touch with the needs of common people. Unfortunately, none of the media is paying attention to what her candidacy is actually running for or any of her stances on major issues.

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