Former DNC chair claims Hilary Clinton seized control of party years ago

The Hillary Clinton campaign gained total control of DNC back in 2015. Those are the charges being leveled by former interim DNC chair Donna Brazille in a new report.


According to, the charges leveled by Brazille are easily provable. It turns out that in August of 2015, the Clinton Campaign manager, Robby Mook and DNC CEO Amy Dacey signed a fundraising agreement that gave the campaign heretofore unmatched control over a party’s finances.


Under the agreement between the DNC, and the Clinton Campaign, the campaign would raise money for and pay off debts of the DNC in return for Clinton controlling the party’s finances. The campaign would also be able to direct the strategy of the Democratic National Committee and any money raised by either group.


The agreement wasn’t solely financial. The contract also gave the Clinton campaign control over “staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings” according to Brazille. This kind of agreement might not have gotten much notice or notoriety had Clinton not been in a bruising primary battle with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


In 2015, it’s a safe bet the DNC believed there wasn’t going to be a real fight over who would succeed President Barack Obama. There weren’t any real rising stars in the Democratic party, and it was an open secret that Obama and the DNC had basically promised the former Secretary of State that 2016 would be her year.


Brazille says that while the agreement was not illegal, it looked unethical. It was also necessary, in part because Obama had left the DNC more than $24 million in debt. The former DNC chair says the Obama campaign had been paying off the $15 million in loans, and more than $8 million in debt to vendors off, “very, very slowly.”


The influx in cash was apparently a way for the DNC to simply continue to survive. Now the revelation of the deal could deal it a death blow.

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