Former Vice President Calls for Single-Payer Healthcare System

One day after Senate Republican’s abandoned their own Affordable Care Act replacement plan, Al Gore is asking Congress to consider a single-payer healthcare system.

Gore made the request at a speaking event on Tuesday promoting his new climate change documentary, the second such documentary the former vice president has been involved with. Gore said cost effective health coverage is illusive to those needing coverage even under the Affordable Care Act. Gore charges that health insurance companies have failed, and a single-payer system run by the government would be the ideal way for all Americans to have basic taxpayer-funded health care coverage.

Even with the Republican’s recent failure to pass a replacement plan or repeal the Affordable Care Act, Gore is the first high profile Democrat to call for a single-payer healthcare system, as other Democrats don’t appear ready to go that far. Earlier this week, Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader and a New York Democrat, did not answer questions about universal healthcare, but instead said he was “looking at” a bill penned in part by Senator Bernie Sanders. While the contents of Sanders bill are not public, it is widely believed to include “Medicare for all” language.

Still other Democrats say that while in theory they are in favor of a single-payer healthcare system, they are quick to add the devil is in the details. When asked if a single-payer healthcare system would be a part of the 202 Democratic Presidential platform, her answer was no. A single-payer system may be a long time coming, if it ever does.

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