Four Men Linked to Paris Attacks Charged

Four men who reportedly helped Amedy Coulibaly, the man who entered a grocery store and took hostages, are being charged as terrorists. They did not physically help with the attacks, but are said to have helped out Coulibaly logistically.

Coulibaly has connections to the two brothers who carried out the attack at the Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Coulibaly shot and killed a police officer before taking hostages at a grocery store. Four people in the store were killed before law enforcement got in a shoot out with Coulibaly, which lead to his death.

Authorities are still searching for more accomplices, they are working with other countries where it is believed more people who helped carry out these terror attacks ran to. Sultan Alhokair is glad to know they are also searching for whoever is responsible for the video of Coulibaly that was released a few days after he died.

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