Fox News Employees Complain About Network’s Coverage

In a piece of news that is sure to be applauded by many Democrats around the country, some Fox News employees are blabbing to CNN about how they just wish they could quit their affiliation with the network.

In a CNN article, a current employee who remains anonymous states that there were “many eye rolls” in the newsroom over how the story about Russia meddling in the previous election was handled. The people there were simply embarrassed by the lack of depth of coverage on the story, and the obvious bias towards one side of events.

This particular anonymous source stated that “Fox News feels like an extent of the Trump White House”. The messaging that comes out of both seems to be largely the same. The network has taken a very defensive stance regarding everything that has come out about the Trump Administration, while at the same time digging through stories regarding Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the like.

Networks like CNN and MSNBC took the story of the Mueller indictments of former Trump campaign aids and ran with coverage of it for the entire day. Fox News did not follow suit. Instead, they covered many other things along with this story. They went back to rehashing stories regarding the NFL protests and North Korea. Basically, they were doing whatever they possibly could to avoid talking too much about the investigations that are ensnaring the White House as we speak.

Some real journalist who work within Fox News were simply embarrassed to be working there anymore. They no longer believe that the network truly cares about covering a story honestly. Instead, they seem to just want to spin the stories that come out in the most positive light for the Trump Administration and Republicans as a whole. It is a one-sided view of the world that most journalists find contrary to their mission as journalists. Given this, it is not so surprising that some who work for Fox News are simply disgusted at this point.

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