FreedomPop Can Keep Going With Their New Funding

FreedomPop is a business that is different than most other mobile businesses out there. It offers its services for free, and that has made it a very popular company. So popular, in fact, that they have been able to gain quite a few investors lately. And, the investors that they have picked up are ones that are coming in with a big price.
FreedomPop raised $30 million in funding not too long ago, and now they are at it again. They have just gotten $10 million more for themselves through two new investors. They have proven that they know what they are doing, and that they are on the right track with their company, through the support of all of these investors. They are a company that is going to go a long way with the money and opportunity that they have been given.

On Fortune, it says that FreedomPop has half of its customers using the free part of the service, and the other half paying for extras. So, it’s not just the thought of using a free mobile service that it drawing people in. FreedomPop is about even more than that. They are a company that people trust, and they are continuing to gain popularity.

With the new funding that FreedomPop has just gained, in addition to all of the funding that they previously gained, they should be able to do some really big things for their company. They should be able to keep moving forward and gaining even more customers.

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