FreedomPop Helps UK Get Free Internet

By way of innovation and cleaver financing, the mobile internet mogul, FreedomPop, has made enormous leaps and bounds into international waters. The company has had success in their other markets, which were efforts focused in the United States. They provide free or low cost internet, wireless and phone services to people who are tired of paying out the nose to the major providers. They do this through cleaver financing and through purchasing large quantities of data, minutes and text message usage from the major carriers. They turn around and sell it to consumers at a huge discount. The way that FreedomPop is able to continue to save and pass the savings is by also getting nearby wifi hotspots involved in the efforts. They have done so in the United States and plan to establish these connections in the United Kingdom.

FreedomPop on fortune was stalled in launching in the United Kingdom because of political reasons. The chief executive is proud to launch in the United Kingdom. He gave some important statistics to the Telegraph on the popularity of the service in the United States. Apparently, less than fifty percent of United States customers were satisfied with the free, basic service they offer and didn’t opt to buy extra packages. The extra usage packages that FreedomPop offers are designed to help users who need larger allowances for their usage and don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune in the process. In fact, in the remainder of people who were happy with just the free, basic plan, many people were using the program as a supplement to their carrier’s plan that they were tied to in contract.

The company plans to have the same success in the UK launch. It will be a virtual launch because the only way for users to sign up for the program exists online. Soon, however, the chief executive plans to have options available to sign up in retail locations in the United Kingdom. There are other ways for users to get extra allowances for their usage without paying extra money for the service. Users can take marketing surveys through FreedomPop’s promotional program that will grant access to these allowances to users who successfully complete the surveys. Internet is becoming easier to obtain.

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