FreedomPop Is A Great Company That’s Here To Stay

Cell phone companies constantly compete against one another in an effort to be the first choice that customers choose when they want wireless services. Some of these companies will sacrifice quality for price, but other companies may sacrifice price and quality, just to get additional customers. It is possible to find a happy medium that brings together both quality and low prices, and FreedomPop is a company that has found this formula. With the low prices that this company offers for their wireless services, many are switching over for their wireless needs.

The wireless services that FreedomPop offers isn’t limited to the cell phone service that has made them so popular. The cell phone services that are offered ranges in price, but the $20 unlimited cell phone service plan is by far the most popular of all of their plans. There is also a free cell phone plan that doesn’t require any payment at all in order to use the plan. All of FreedomPop’s plans can be used on smartphones, which is a big leap from other companies that give free services but require the customer to use a downgraded older phone.

Those who are on the free service from FreedomPop will still be able to receive 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. The data is the only part of the free plan that some may not feel that they can accept, so extending the data can be done in several ways. Other than paying for additional data for the free plan, those that want additional data can join FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi plan for only five dollars monthly. The Wi-Fi hotspots are available in so many locations that it’s possible to use the Wi-Fi constantly on a cell phone.

The Wi-Fi that FreedomPop offers is only accessible through the use of an application, but it’s great for anyone who wants 4G LTE data all the time on their mobile devices. Those who are looking for unlimited talk time, minutes, and data should choose the $20 plan or higher, and the higher costing plans only add additional 4G LTE data to the phone. A FreedomPop review recently talked about the company offering their services in other countries, including the UK, which means that those who travel a lot can still access FreedomPop’s services for free or for a low cost. Unlocked phones that take sim cards can work on FreedomPop’s network.

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