George Soros’ Ever Rising Standards Turn Him into a Boogeyman

George is a global supporter of democratic causes in America and beyond. He pursues protection of democracy for over 100 countries. After Donald Trump got elected as the president of United States, several people felt dissatisfied. They even ran to the streets and expressed their sentiments. George was born and raised in Hungary, then a Nazi-occupied nation. Having born in 1930, Soros had to bear with the occupation of 1944-1945, where he also had to suffer seeing other Hungarian Jews tortured, beaten dragged off, and even others getting killed. Sadly, George had to brave seeing his relatives, friends, and neighbors pass through all the afflictions. Right then, George knew that he needed to find freedom to overcome totalitarianism and what George Soros knows.

Finding a Way Out

Finding a world where justice was the order of the day and one where democracy was valued was never easy. George had to flee for his life and implement his lofty ideals. It was then that he set sail to New York City where he enrolled in a brokerage on Wall Street. Soros continued with his investments, and he later launched his business, the Soros Fund. Soros then went on to start a career in investments, which catapulted him to the level of ranking him among the most accomplished investors in the world. At the same time, he continued pursuing his political activists’ causes because he believed in doing his best to see his fellow men prosper and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George’s Commitment to Philanthropy

George is multi-billionaire who works not just for himself, but also for the good of the world as a whole. As at now, Soros is said to have bankrolled over 12 billion; all this amount having been channeled towards charity and read full aritlce. George will give any amount of money to agencies who push for democratic rights, accountable governance, transparency, and societies struggling for justice and equality. Mostly, his support focuses on helping individuals who are discriminated against because of who they are. Remember George happened to suffer these afflictions firsthand, and so he understands what it means to be in such a state of despondency and hopelessness. During South Africa’s apartheid in 1979, George chipped in and supported the affected persons and learn more about George Soros.

In a Nutshell

In every of George’s charitable pursuits, one thing that has consistently stood out is his intense hatred towards obdurate problems. Throughout his life, George has always insisted on addressing issues disturbing the peace of those deemed trivial. By so doing, he has gained a degree of independence that makes him outshine other authorities. Again through this independence, Soros confesses that he has managed to create his way towards a world that is more accommodative, more just, and most importantly, a world that is more equitable for all and Follow his

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