George Soros is fighting to keep Central European University Open

Billionaire Democratic financier George Soros opened the Central European University (CEU) was opened in 1991. This university was created by Soros when the Soviet Bloc had fallen in Europe during the early 90s. This university serves the purpose of finding out how open societies and democracy would flourish inside of an environment like post-communist Europe. CEU University provides many degrees in various fields such as law, political science and economics.

In April of 2017 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban tried to push legislation that would force CEU make some changes, otherwise it would have to shut down its operations. When Soros created the University, he had the organization accredited within the United States.

Since CEU is an American based university that operates within Hungary; it is not officially a university of Hungary. Prime Minister Orban states that the university must now be registered as a Hungarian education institution; otherwise it will have to change its name and quite possibly close its doors.

Many people in Budapest, is protesting this action because they want the university to stay open. At least 70,000 showed up to try and keep the university open. Keep in mind that George Soros is an American citizen as well as a Hungarian resident. Even though he grew up in Hungary, he made it a point to relocate to the U.S. many years ago.

Soros’s CEU has been educating many Hungarian people for years. This university has also been providing education for people from different nations as well. Many people feel as if Prime Minister Orban is attacking CEU and George Soros to push his own agenda.

Soros is deeply committed to the platform of an open society. He wants all societies to be able to enjoy certain freedoms without the government trying to dictate and control them. He also does not want certain classes of people to be discriminated against.

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There are many people in this world who are vulnerable and these individuals are oftentimes harmed by various governments. In most cases, a particular government is not intentionally attacking a group of people but their policies and practices might not be in their favor.

Ultimately, George Soros created Central European University to ensure that people in Hungary can learn how to live within a democratic and free world. To Soros, it is important for people to understand how good life can be without living under the rule of communism.

CEU represents more than just a place of higher education. It is more than just a place where people can get their degrees. CEU is an educational institution that represents a new way of thinking and living for people in post-communist Europe. If Prime Minister Orban can successfully close down this university, it will be step backwards for George Soros, the people of Hungary and the plight of democracy in Europe.

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