George Soros Takes The Political Fight To Donald Trump

The decision by real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump to run for the Presidency of the U.S. has added a further level of drama to what is always a dramatic period of time in the country. Hedge fund billionaire George Soros has recently been fighting against the candidate in an interview with Forbes magazine where the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 reaffirmed his own credentials as a Democrat. The noted philanthropist has taken issue with calls from Trump to close the borders of the U.S. to all people of the Muslim faith.

Hungarian born George Soros has an amazing personal story to tell, which includes his survival of the Holocaust in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II. The amazing life Soros led includes his refugee status taking him to London to study finance before his arrival in the U.S. to begin his financial career as a hedge fund manager. Soros believes the calls to close U.S. borders from Trump have been drawing more recruits to ISIS and other extremist groups, particularly those based in the Middle East; George Soros explains the regional governments in the Middle East have been making large gains against ISIS, but these have been threatened by the words of Trump.

Alongside his wish for the Middle East to fight back against ISIS, George Soros has also looked at how the problems in Syria will affect the global economy. Soros believes the continuing exodus of refugees from Syria to Europe could be the event that finally causes the collapse of the continent wide community. Political options are running out for certain European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, claims George Soros. During other crisis situations the Chancellor has sought to keep the majority of her fellow Germans happy, but now faces the issue of leading the European response to the Syrian refugee problem. The situation in Europe has been complicated by economic problems in Greece and Ukraine, plus the potential exit from the European Union by the U.K. As problems mount in Europe George Soros fears the rhetoric of Donald Trump will continue to rise in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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