George Soros, The Greatest Investor, And Philanthropist

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930; he is the current chairperson and founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC. He is one of the most successful financiers in history. His views on economic issues and investing are broadly trailed. He is also the founder of the worldwide organization Open Society Foundation, which works tirelessly to realize the building of tolerant and vibrant democracies whose regimes are directly accountable to citizens. He has been a prominent international democratic ideals supporter for more than thirty years. The Open Source Foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports human and democracy rights in more than 100 nations in the world.

Personal profile
Soros fled to England from Hungary in 1947. He attended an economic school in London and graduated in 1952 and worked in an investment bank in London. He immigrated into the US in 1956 and held an investment and analyst position in the New York firms of Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder (1963-1973) and Wertheim & Co. (1959-1963), F.M Meyer (1956 -1959).

In 1973, he went off on his venture and founded the Soros Fund Management hedge fund Company, which in later years grew into the respected and well known Quantum Fund. He ran his fruitful and aggressive hedge fund for almost two decades and reportedly in two occasions posted returns of more than 100% and a recursive 30% in excess returns.

He gave up the day to day management of the Quantum fund in his late 1980s as one of the world’s richest people. He was then involved in donating enormous sums of money and generous philanthropist worldwide giving vast amounts through his Open Source Foundation. Political activism in recent years has also become important to George. He has lectured and written widely about the US role in global affairs in dealing with issues like human rights, education, and political freedom.

Soros Investment Style
Soros was a chief in translating harsh economic trends into killer plays and high leveraged in currencies and bonds. He was a short-term speculator while an investor was making giant bets in the financial markets direction. His belief was based on the fact that financial markets are naturally chaotic. Currencies and security prices depend on traders and human beings, both professional and nonprofessional involved in the buying and selling of the assets. They would often act not based on logical considerations but emotions.

Affirmed He also believed that market participants moved in heards and influenced each other. He affirmed that most of the time he walked with the masses but watched for an opportunity to move to the front. For him to tell when the time was ripe for this action, he depended on instincts to propel him to buy and sell and this was a difficult model to emulate.

He spent almost two decades speculating with billions of people’s money when he retired in 2000. This made him wealthy in his fruitful and wealthy in his Quantum Fund. He is now one of the world’s richest investors in history.

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